• digital
  • Digital

    Hired gun

    Advisory role, strategic insights, consultant for CEO and Managing Partner of digital agencies.

  • sales
  • Sales & Marketing

    What does she do? Hmm, she sells us to experts and helps us create things to sell?

    Marketing communications consultant hired by C-level and Managing Director-level executives to support diverse marketing efforts of internal executive talent recruitment team (C-level, SME, senior consultants) within the architecture and strategy division for the financial services industry. Expanded role included the support of business development executives through the development of digital and print communication collateral, campaign management tools and analytics.

  • sales
  • Integrated Communications

    One woman marketing and communications group

    Business and Marketing Communications Consultant hired by the VP of The Learning Group of DTCC to assess, recommend and develop a marketing solution to assist in brand recognition, program development, customer reach and business development efforts. Expanded services included the redesign of marketing collateral, focus group event management and facilitation.

  • interactive
  • Interactive/Digital/Video

    Ms. thing in the woods

    Creative digital director and producer responsible for strategy development and the management of vendors and budgets for an elegant resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia owned by one of Europe's most prominent family.

  • creative
  • Creative and Production

    First pre-post production print client

    Managed total business development cycle, pitch, hiring of creative team, selection of printing vendor, press run and final delivery.

  • program
  • Program Development

    If it's not working, fix it. If it ain't brokeā€¦

    As a consultant for a leading private, nonprofit and government sector consulting firm, a wide range of marketing and advertising services were provided. Services provided inlcuded field training, design and production of marketing and advertising collateral. Additional service included direct mail programs and business strategies.

  • technology
  • Technology & Business Alignment

    Project Manager and ombudswoman?

    Hired by the Executive Vice President and key Engagement Manager for an interoperability project for the Department of Health and Human Services of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Project Manager and senior consultant responsible for on-site and virtual management of partners, vendors, and contracted consultants. As a senior consultant with previous healthcare and insurance management experience, lent insight and input into the organizational readiness assessment, business process reviews, and technology assessment sessions.

  • training
  • Training

    Train the trainers and the whole darn team, please

    Marketing consultant responsible for developing and delivering public speaking, marketing fundamentals and strategy-to-execution workshops as part of a larger contract to provide program development and marketing consultation.

  • startup
  • Start-up/Pilot Programs

    The power of social authority

    If the world was perfect, could we create a FaceBook, Groupon®, yelp®, LinkedIn®, and match.com®?

  • focus
  • Focus Group Facilitation

    Why wonder, why not ask?

    In the process of defining the positioning of The Learning Group, a series of focus groups and roundtable sessions were organized and facilitated to gain invaluable insight into the decision-making and perceptions of key segments of clients.

  • corporate
  • Corporate ID

    What? You want to pay me to taste chocolate?

    It started with a vision of a prominent New York gastroenterologist with a passion and mission to build a prototype of a chocolate coffee lounge concept. What will we call it? What will it look like? What will we sell? This is where we joined the ride.

  • print
  • Print

    Do you know about diamonds? Um, yes, but there's always room to learn!

    A family of European diamond experts and a new generation of business and finance owners decided it was time to upgrade their image in order to obtain the coveted site holder status. They asked us to create and design an Asian and European market piece that could be used in multiple formats.

  • digital2
  • Digital

    Run, hide, here come the
    New Yorkers!

    Charming bed and breakfast? Definitely not. A privately owned, 12,000-acre property in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia was not being given justice by its current branding and site. The New York team, accustomed to our shoebox apartments, appreciated the space, vastness and uniqueness of this nature and refined elegance owned by a prominent European family.